Vinnare av årets säkerhetslösning” på Security Awards 2016


Increased safety – EVERYONE can act quickly in the event of fire

Increased accessibility – EVERYONE can use the fire extinguisher, regardless of age, gender and disability

Ensures extinguishing ability – EVERYONE can bring 9L of fire extinguishing agent, which is required in order to extinguish a newly started fire

Builds your brand – show that you do everything you can to increase the safety of your staff and your customers


Today, in most shops, public, buildings, hospitals, hotels etc, there are fire extinguishers ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to quickly put out a fire. In order to efficiently put out a fire, access to a 9L fire extinguisher is necessary. (Swedish emergency services and industry recommendation)


The Swedish civil service has for a long time noted during their trainings that handheld fire extinguishers are to heavy for some people. A 9L handheld fire extinguisher weighs up to 15 kg. There is a challenge, primarily for children, elderly and people with disabilities to quickly and safely put out a fire, which means that safety and fire protection is not equal for EVERYONE. Until now, there hasn’t been a good and safe solution for this challenge.


The solution is the mobile suspension device EasyExtinguish. It’s a smart wagon which hangs on the wall along with the fire extinguisher. With its clever design, you can easily and quickly bring the handheld fire extinguisher to the fire without lifting or carrying.